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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Click on the page below that most suits your query. You will be taken to a page listing the most common problems that our users encounter. If you feel your problem is common and could be a valued asset to our FAQ pages then please help us by leaving it in the Website Suggestions Forum.
  1. Registration, Password Problems, Upgrading and Logging in
    How and why you should register with Yakolak.
  2. Starting Auctions, Selling & Yakolak Stores
    Help and instructions for starting auctions on Yakolak.
  3. Bidding, Buying & Finding Auctions
    Information and tips on finding what you are after, making bids and being successful on your auctions.
  4. My Yakolak Auction HQ
    My Yakolak is your own personalised auction control area.
  5. After the Auction Closes & Making Payments
    What to do after an auction has finished. How to make payment, making contact etc...
  6. Fees and Charges
    Our posting, closing and featured fee structure. How to pay off your balance and other money questions.
  7. User Feedback and Ratings
    What is feedback, how do i receive and leave it?
  8. Fraud Prevention and Resolution
    Yakolak take fraud very seriously and have helped in a number of criminal convictions. Our FAQ will help you spot fraudsters and help you deal with them.
  9. PPPay.com Instant & Escrow Payments
    We are proud to offer our escrow service with our friends at PPPay.com, allowing for safety and peace of mind when paying for your auctions in multiple currencies.
  10. Buddy Points, Buddy Auctions & Yakolak Affiliate Program
    Learn how you can earn money or loyalty points by sending visitors to Yakolak thru your emails and websites.
  11. Yakolak & Social Networks
    Become a Fan of Yakolak and promote your items on your Facebook page.
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